News in version 1.6

DATA CALL ClinkMe – Beta version

The ClinkMe application offers newly the Beta version of the free secured call between the ClinkMe application users as another data communication functionality.
Activation of the ClinkMe call is conditioned like for the ClinkMe messages – registration and login to your ClinkID account.
Active connection to 3G, Wi-Fi or LTE network is necessary for ClinkMe call and messaging.
The calls run in the "peer-to-peer" safe mode, which means that the connection does not use the server, but devices of the calling and the called client are interconnected directly instead.
Only where direct connection fails (e.g. due to restrictions in the corporate network), the data (voice or video) are transmitted via our servers (where they are not saved).


All messages and annexes to be sent or accepted now to your device are encrypted automatically from the 1.6 version by asymmetric keys by applying the asymmetric cryptography.


The messages are now delivered to all devices chosen by you, both in the online and off-line mode. The messages sent from one device will be displayed automatically in the relevant conversation on all your other devices.
To ensure identical message security on all your other devices, asymmetric and symmetric keys are now distributed even to all your other devices.


To make registration – necessary prerequisite for data communication -  to ClinkID more comfortable, the process has been simplified and made more transparent.
The states, when the information about message delivery and reading could not be sent back, have been treated.

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