Heart bleed
The Version 1.6.10 contains fix for the internet wide bug called Heartbleed
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News in version 1.6.2
SYMMETRIC ENCRYPTION OF ANNEXES AND BUSINESS CARDS Another security element has been included into the application. Besides the messages even the annexes and business cards are now secured by the symmetric key exchanged with your vis-a-vis. ASYMMETRICALLY ENCRYPTED MESSAGES ALREADY COMMUNICATE WITH THE ANDROID BASED VERSION CHECK FOR JAILBREAK OF YOUR DEVICE After each…
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News in version 1.6
DATA CALL ClinkMe – Beta version The ClinkMe application offers newly the Beta version of the free secured call between the ClinkMe application users as another data communication functionality. Activation of the ClinkMe call is conditioned like for the ClinkMe messages – registration and login to your ClinkID account. Active connection to 3G, Wi-Fi or LTE network is necessary for…
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Hotfix version 1.5.1
Profi and Secure functions are available again in the hot fix version 1.5.1
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Non-functional Secure and Profi packages in the 1.5 version.
We are really sorry but there has been a fault in the 1.5 version. This fault won’t enable you to buy or restore purchasing of the Profi and Secure functions from AppStore. This will be resolved by a hotfix version. We are currently attempting to get its express approval. We will do our best for the packages to be available as soon as possible.
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News in version 1.5
VOICE SEARCH ClinkMe enables to search necessary contacts using your voice. The application will record your voice and send it to the Google company servers. After receipt of the answer ClinkMe will offer the proposals which coincide best with the searched contact you have formulated. Availability of 3G data network or WiFi is the necessary prerequisite for voice search. WORK WITH GROUPS…
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PROFI and SECURE packages
GOOD NEWS! PROFI function and SECURE packages are waiting for approval from Apple! PROFI with broadcast messaging, cWriter function and sensitive data screen locking will be available for special price of EUR 1.79! Thanks to the SECURE package all your data flows will be secured by the generally accepted, verified and time tested technologies. Do not miss the speccial offer at…
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Sending attachments, sharing contact and other new functionality
We have prepared another package of a new functionality for you: • Sending attachments • cWriter • Photograph with the ClinkID account • Sharing contact through the ClinkMe message • Storing unknown contact • Information about incoming messages • Optimization of setting • Data synchronization with iCloud  
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iOS 6 compatibility
New version of the application is available for download at App Store, which is fully compatible with iOS 6.
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NEWS IN VERSION 1.2!! - SAFE DATA COMMUNICATION - Communicate free with all friends who have installed ClinkMe® - The application distinguishes what persons from your address book use ClinkMe® - Send the card to your friends directly from the application inviting them to use ClinkMe® - Wherever you are, message sending between ClinkMe® users is free even internationally  
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Contacts filtering according to Exchange groups
+ Initial application start, application loading, working with contacts have been optimized + Contacts filtering according to Exchange groups + It allows adding a new contact with number  + New parameter Sound when Calling + The function ”Contact Weight“ restored-  in filtering a contact in the dialer, the most frequently called contacts will be displayed among the top…
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Changes in user interface and application control.
The new version brings a number of changes in the user interface and application control. The basic navigation through the application has been better arranged, the tabs are larger and the small text fonts in the tabs have been replaced by large icons for better orientation. Compared with the preceding version, the list of contacts in the application now corresponds to your address book in…
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