Some data provided when using the products and services provided by SYSCOM SOFTWARE spol. s r.o., with registered office in Prague 9, Kytlická 818/21a, , Company ID: 61498084, incorporated in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, section C, file 30388 (hereinafter "our company"), may have the nature of personal data pursuant to Act no. 101/2000 Coll. on Personal Data Protection, as amended (hereinafter the "Act"). Our company fully abides by this Act of law and does its best to protect personal data.


The ClinkMe application (hereinafter "ClinkMe") enables you to quickly and intuitively search and call contacts from you address book, schedule calls, administer favourite contacts, call history and send free messages to other ClinkMe users. More information is available here.


The company processes the following personal data of the ClinkMe users: ClinkID account, which consists of the e-mail address, password, nickname and a photograph (see the par.  “ClinkID Account”). Other so called identifiers may be assigned to a ClinkID account upon user’s request, such as e-mail address and telephone number. All data acquired from the ClinkMe users serve solely for the user identification purposes in order to access and use the ClinkMe services. The company does not process any confidential data according to section 4 of the Act on Personal Data Protection. Our company does not sell or otherwise transfer this data to any third parties (save for the exception stated below) and the company will use its best endeavours to protect user data against abuse. This obligation does not apply to data which the company shall provide according to application laws. Personal data is gathered only upon user's consent and is recorded in the company’s internal database located on a secured company server or on users’ devices. The provision of personal data is voluntary, however, the ClinkMe services may not be used without the data being provided. Personal data will be made accessible to other ClinkMe users or to the third parties specified below.


(available in the version 1.0 and higher)
ClinkMe enables viewing and administering of your contacts which you have saved in you device. Therefore, the application reads all information on your contacts from your device in order to view it correctly and to enable you to use it. ClinkMe processes all this information solely on the given device. Some information within ClinkMe related to contacts (such as favourites, call scheduling, order of telephone numbers and shortcuts) is saved into the internal application database, which is stored solely on your device. If the application is removed, all this information saved by ClinkMe on the device is removed as well.


(available in the version 1.2 and higher)
ClinkMe enables you to send free messages to users who have also installed ClinkMe. In order to recognize to which contacts within ClinkMe you may send a message, we use some information on our contacts. Among this information are telephone numbers and e-mail addresses which are encrypted on your device and securely transferred to our servers . Our servers then synchronize this information so that we can provide you with a list of contacts that use ClinkMe. The information sent to our servers is securely stored on a hard drive. It is not possible to acquire any information on your contacts from this data. ClinkMe does not send any other information on your contacts, on calendar events, text messages, e-mail messages or any other of your personal data to our or any other servers.

The messages that you send to or receive from other users via ClinkMe are saved on our servers in a secure way and are saved on a hard drive or possibly on RAM memory on our servers for the periods necessary for delivery to all users. The messages are deleted from the servers upon delivery. The messages on our or other servers are not backed up and it is not possible to retrieve them upon delivery to all users. Our servers only store statistics which include the number of messages sent within users and other information necessary for provision of appropriate operation of all services related to sending and receiving messages.

In the event that ClinkMe is not running or active on your device, a new message alert is sent to you by means of so called push notification. These notifications are generated on our servers and sent securely by third party servers (Google and Apple) to your device. If you do not wish to receive push notifications on new incoming messages from other users, you may logout from your ClinkID account (other users won’t be able to send you messages then). You agree that in these cases our company may transfer the information (your nickname and message content) necessary for sending the push notification to your device to third parties, over which our company has no control.


(available in the version 1.2 and higher)
To send and receive messages or data calls by ClinkMe it is necessary to register a "ClinkID" account. By means of this account you can log in to our services and servers that will enable you to send and receive messages or dial and receive calls. All data provided by the user during registration is safely sent off and stored on our servers.

The ClinkID account consists of your email address, password, nickname, and photograph (email address and nickname are mandatory, the photograph is optional). It is also possible to add other “identifiers“ to each ClinkID account to help other users to find you and send you a message. An identifier may include your email address or telephone number. In order to protect your email address or telephone number against abuse, a unique verification code is generated and sent to the given identifier. The verification code for your email address is generated and sent as a standard email message directly on our servers. The verification code for your telephone number is sent to the given telephone number as an SMS via a third party, which is Materna Communications a.s. and to which the information about the telephone number and the verification code are handed over. You agree that in these cases our company may transfer the information that is necessary for sending the SMS verification code to this third party, which our company has no control of.

Our company will make its best efforts in order to protect the information provided within the ClinkID account (email address, telephone number) against abuse and undertakes not to use it for sending marketing messages or any other messages.


(available in the version 1.6 and higher)
The ClinkMe application enables not only to send and accept messages, but also to place or accept a call. These calls can be realized only between the ClinkMe application users having the registered ClinkID account, and active connection to the 3G, Wi-Fi or LTE network is necessary for use of the data calls. Our servers ensure the function enabling to establish public IP addresses of both users so that the call can be made between both users (more information: STUN). We do not save any information on our servers about your IP addresses (only for the time period necessary for establishment of your IP address).

The calls run primarily in the direct mode between the users, the so called “peer-to-peer” mode, where the server is eliminated. If the direct connection fails to be made (e.g. due to restrictions in the corporate network), then the data (voice or video) are transferred in the secured way through our servers (more information: TURN).  The data are not stored on these servers. All calls are encrypted automatically and are stored neither on the device nor on our servers.


(available in the version 1.3 and higher)
For each of your ClinkID accounts you can optionally set a photograph that you will share with others. This photograph is encrypted and safely stored on our servers. It is not mandatory to share the photograph and it can be any picture of your own choice. Your shared photograph is then shown to your contacts who have you in their address books on their device in the ClinkMe application with messages, which you can send for free within the application. Each user may delete their photograph in their ClinkID account in the ClinkMe application, which means that the photograph is then deleted from our servers as well.


(available in the version 1.3 and higher)
Within the messaging service ClinkMe enables you to send information about your current location for free. This information is obtained from your device and sent to all the participants of the conversation. The information about your location is stored on our servers safely and only for the time that is necessary for delivering it to all the participants. After delivering it to all the participants this information is deleted from our servers and it is not possible so find and obtain it again.


(available in the version 1.3 and higher)
Within message sending ClinkMe allows you to send pictures saved on your device or photographs taken with your device. Before being sent, all files sent from your device are encrypted using a unique key generated by your device. Sent files are safely stored on our company’s servers. Each file is encrypted using a different unique key that is only known to the sender and to the recipient of the message. Our company cannot decipher and read the content of files sent within messages sent for free. All files are automatically deleted from our servers after some time.


(available in the version 1.3 and higher)
Within message sending, ClinkMe allows you to share, for free, selected contact information (card) saved on your device. Selected information about a particular contact is sent securely within the message. The information about shared contacts is safely stored on our servers only for the time necessary for its delivery to all conversation participants. After being delivered to all participants, this information is deleted from our servers and it is not possible to find and acquire it again.


(available in the version 1.4 and higher)
The chosen functions  of the application are available only after purchase of the chosen extensions that can be purchased directly in the ClinkMe application. Without purchasing these extensions the chosen functions are not available. For purchase of the chosen extensions third parties (Apple and Google), enabling to make the payment for extensions of the ClinkMe application, are utilized. Information about the purchase of extension of the ClinkMe application is stored on our servers to your ClinkID account so that we can ensure that the already purchased extension is available  even on other devices where your are login under the ClinkID account, under which you have purchased the extension. The information about the made purchase contains:  number of the transaction, date of purchase, quantity and identifier of extension. This information is sent from your device to our servers in the secured way and is also stored on our servers protected sufficiently.  Our company does not have access to and does not store any data concerning your payment operations or your payment cards by which you make purchases of extension(s)  via a third party/third parties.


(available in the version 1.4 and higher)
To understand better the users how they use the ClinkMe application and to bring modifications in the future leading to improvement of the user comfort and work with the application, you can enable sending of diagnostic data from the application to third party servers ( Our company does not have any control over the data stored on third party servers and utilizes them only for statistics and assessment of use of the application. The sent data are anonymous  and contain the following information: Type of device, type and version of the operating system, country of origin, time of application activity in minutes, used ClinkMe modules during application activity.
The diagnostic data do not contain any personal information, information stored on your device or the data stored in the ClinkMe application. Collection and sending of the diagnostic data can be enabled or disabled at any time in the ClinkMe application settings.


The selected information processed and sent by ClinkMe to our servers is secured by means of standard technology available on the market. All messages sent and received for free and saved on the device are encrypted in the internal database so that they are not readable for other users and applications. All user names and passwords are safely stored on the device. Communication between the device and our servers within ClinkMe takes place by means of a secure channel and protocol. The data stored on our servers are encrypted and sufficiently protected against leakage and unauthorized use.


Cookies are information transferred from an Internet site to the user’s hard drive. Cookies enable the website to remember important information that will make its further use easier for the user. For example, Based on anonymous data items our company monitors the number of visitors to our website. If the user does not want to use cookies or wants the web browser to notify them of using cookies, they must choose the appropriate option in their browser. If the user blocks all cookies, they will not be able to use some of the functions of our website or some of our products and services.


On there are links to such websites that or not under the control of our company. If the user visits one of these sites, they should learn about the site’s personal data protection and data handling policy. Our company does not take responsibility for other companies’ procedures and policies.


According to section 12 of the Act on Personal Data Protection, each ClinkMe user who provided our company with their personal data has the right to ask, in writing, for information on the processing of their personal data. Each user that finds out or assumes that the administrator processes their personal data in such a way that is contrary to the protection of data subjects’ private and personal life protection – especially if the personal data is inaccurate with regard to the purpose of their processing –, the user may ask the administrator for an explanation or for eliminating such a situation. This may include especially blocking, correction, completion or removal of the personal data.


From time to time, in compliance with legal regulations, our company may revise this declaration. We reserve the right to update this declaration or any other policy of ours. The update notifications will be published on this website at any time without any prior notification. You agree to check this declaration regularly so that you are familiar with all the changes and updated information concerning this declaration or any other declarations or policies of ours. If you do not agree with our declaration of personal data processing and data protection, you may not use this website, the ClinkMe application or other services to which this declaration applies.