About Application

The ClinkMe application enables what was missing in your device till now.  ClinkMe facilitates to obtain a perfect track in the address book of your contacts and to include the most frequently contacts among the favourite ones comfortably.
 ClinkMe enables to search and call the contacts from your address book easily, quickly and intuitively.
 With ClinkMe you can plan calls and remind calling in the nick of time.

Why to Choose the ClinkMe Application

We Prepare

Concentration of all functions (important for data communication) in a single application is the core objective of this product. 

Nowadays we are developing ClinkMe Files application which would cooperate with ClinkMe in standard way. ClinkMe Files ("cFiles) is a new mobile application which offers the possibility to save pictures, photos or documents to one place. One of the primary goals and advantages for cFiles is to provide the most security of  files as possible.

Technical Requirements

To install ClinkMe, you will need the device operating the iOS (iPhone, iPad) operating system and for communication the internet connection..