Easy Calling and Communication for free in ClinkMe

You no longer need to use more applications to interact your surroundings!

Arrange contacts to your colleagues, friends, family, call them or simply plan the calls you need to do. ClinkMe allows you to easily and quickly search contacts, make free calls and send free messages to your friends and family, plan calls, create a group of contacts, etc.

For better security you can also use encrypted communication and thanks to the synchronization the keys you can use on multiple devices. You only need to register your ClinkID which is for free!

ClinkMe is available in English, German, Spanish and French language.

Why ClinkMe
Search and call contacts from your address book quickly and intuitively.
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About Application

The ClinkMe application enables what was missing in your device till now.  ClinkMe facilitates to obtain a perfect track in the address book of your contacts and to include the most frequently contacts among the favourite ones comfortably.
 ClinkMe enables to search and call the contacts from your address book easily, quickly and intuitively.
 With ClinkMe you can plan calls and remind…
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22. 4. 2014

Heart bleed
The Version 1.6.10 contains fix for the internet wide bug called Heartbleed
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